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Memorandum to Chief Minister, Punjab, on Dera Sirsa Row
Submitted by dsgill on Tue, 2007-07-10 14:24.

Memorandum to Chief Minister, Punjab, on Dera Sirsa Row

July 9, 2007

Sardar Parkash Singh Badal
Chief Minister, Punjab

Memo for securing justice, to ensure rule of law and peace in the state of Punjab
In the wake of the Dera's criminal activities against Sikh Faith and its people
And to take stringent legal measures to bridle Dera Head and other cultists

Dear Sardar Badal,
We, on behalf of the Khalsa Action Committee (KAC), beseech your immediate, kind attention towards the Dera "Sacha Sauda" row law and order problem for the state and its people, especially the Sikhs, both in Punjab and, though you are already seized of the matter. The row and the encouraged sectarian violence have disturbed peace in the state, thus creating Haryana.

Due to laxity in dealing with such a sensitive issue, the cult leader and his so-called premis have become more offensive, and their targets are mostly the mainstream Sikhs, who are committed to Akal Takht and its edicts issued in this regard from time to time. No Sikh worth his salt, will continue to tolerate the illegal activities of the Dera head who had attired himself like Guru Gobind Singh and tried to negate (or equate) the Amrit of the Guru. The worldwide reaction of the Sikhs to the blasphemous activity of the dera is a testimony to this.

The situation is similar to the one prevailing before April 1978 and June 1984, regarding which Justice V. R. Krishna Iyer has said: 'The Rule of Law is a constitutional fundamental of India, and in theory, even amidst the clash of arms, the Law shall not be silent. Justice in Punjab had been crucified on the cross of law and if the country does not demand resurrection of the right to justice, constitutional guarantees may degenerate into rhetoric and human rights die a natural death. Unfortunately, not until long ago when judicial activism surfaced, the higher judiciary, too, was in the habit of looking the other way when even the fundamentals were under attack.'

Regrettably, this day too, justice to the Sikhs seems in jeopardy in Punjab and Haryana. The laxity on part of Punjab and Haryana administrations notwithstanding, the Centre and the higher judiciary are either sleeping over such a sensitive issue or lacking a proper vision (will) to deal with the matter. Not only that, the Opposition leader in the Punjab State Assembly openly supports the cause of the criminal cult leader just for petty electoral gains. It seems that the Congress did not learn any lesson from the past.

'Whereas it is essential, if a man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by rule of law' says the Preamble to the UN Declaration of Human Rights, December 10, 1948.

Very aptly, Guru Gobind Singh, the Tenth Master has proclaimed it earlier at Dina Kangar, in his Zafarnama, that: 'When all other means of resistance against tyranny and oppression fail, it is legitimate, as a last resort, to turn to the sword.'

In the case of the personnel of the security forces who had flouted the law of the land, the Hon'ble Judges of the Supreme Court, sensing the situation and taking inspiration from Divine Justice, took the initiative and, while exercising judicial discretion and remaining within the bounds of law, moved against their barbaric activities, one after the other and showed them their right place.

However, things have been allowed to come to a pass where the Dera head projects himself as a law unto himself. He encourages (preaches) violence through his followers, the terrorists in the garb of dera-premis. They need to be brought to book in order to curb their criminal activities and put an end to their nefarious designs and machinations to create trouble for the state, apparently at the instance of their Delhi masters. The filing of a petition before the President of India to dislodge the Punjab government claiming that it had failed to maintain law and order in the state is not without strings.

On the other hand, Sardar Badal, your litany- law will take its course; no one is above law and rule of law will prevail- is nothing but a reflection of the lackadaisical approach of the state government of which you are the head.

Mr Badal, in the given situation, you need to immediately neutralise your political enemies within the Panth and counter the others, especially the Congress which is at the back of this episode, by becoming proactive to act against this menace.

The first thing you need to do is to unconditionally release and take back cases of the Sikh leaders, including Simranjit Singh Mann and Daljit Singh Bittu who have been booked due to political reasons. Sardar Mann is being kept behind bars only to stall his political activities that could be directed against the dera chief and his co-cultists. Bhai Bittu is being terrorised into silence only because he is a leading member (co-convenor) of the KAC.

Secondly, withdraw all cases falsely registered against all those Sikhs, who have been active during Sikh agitations against the cultists in the wake of the Dera row. The foremost need is to immediately arrest all those so-called dera-premis involved in the murder of Bhai Kamaljit Singh and the murderous assault on innocent Sikhs at Bathinda. The dera head should be arrested along with his coterie of advisors (spokespersons) under 120-B of the IPC in all these incidents as they have deliberately and maliciously instigated the offenders.
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